Comment about Fishworks

Storagebod wrote an article about the various available virtual storage appliances. In Appliance of science he wrote about Fishworks the S7000 Storage Simulator (it´s just that, andi it´s not optimised as a virtual storage appliance):

Just recently, I've decided to give a few more a play; I've just built a Fishworks environment. Easy-to-use, easy-to-configure, a tad resource heavy but a really nice GUI. I think I could grow to really like this environment. I think I could get a decent amount of disk for me to use for my home environment, I need to reconfigure the virtual environment but definitely useable. [...] Actually Fishworks could give both EMC and NetApp a run for their money if it was shipped as a fully supported VSA. It could be very disruptive at the low-end to start with.

Storagebod is the blog of a storage manager working for a large media company in UK, so he has some experience with storage stuff.