Recession friendly software

Julian Exenberger has an interesting point of view in regard of Sun software. He wrote about it in “It’s recession time and Sun has the best recession kool aid.”:

Well I don't know if anyone has noticed but one of the coolest recession friendly enterprise software stacks around is being offered by that company we all love to hate: Sun Microsystems.

That´s exactly the stuff i´m telling to my customers in many presentations (of course without the hate stuff). An everoccuring answer is: “But my ultraimportant application needs BEA and Oracle. It runs that way for a while now and i don´t want to change that”. Okay … i´m fine with that. Keep it this way. But: There are tons of small services in a corporation that doesn´t need BEA or Oracle. If you take this kind of applications from BEA and Oracle to Glassfish and Mysql or Postgres, you get something really precious: Licenses for cores for your Oracle/BEA/Websphere/younameit-dependant application because your licenses are perpetual and you can reuse them as you like to do (at least when you didn´t made some strange agreements). Just look at the per-core price of an Oracle license to see the possible savings. So you don´t have to spend for more licenses when you opt for a larger server, just use the spare ones. And as there is commercial-grade support available for Glassfish, Mysql and Postgres you don´t base your operations. on newsgroup reading. I don´t want to be misunderstood: Glassfish V3 is at least (!) on par with any other commercial appserver. As Julian writes it:

Sun has a really cool application server which is fully buzzword compliant in the form of Glassfish. Besides the fact that its pretty scalable with old Grizzly, it comes with a rock solid ESB and messaging system, A decent compatible web service stack, and on top of that it is dead simple to administer. And then of course lets not forget the awesomeness that is Glassfish 3.0.

It´s not about getting cheaper, but less capable software what i´m proposing here. It´s just about breaking some habits.

Now what is really cool about this whole stack is that everthing I've mentioned here is either open source or free, with support contracts available. If you wanted you could download all individual components and not cost to you, that's right no cost. How recession friendly is that.

Update: Okay, i won´t write articles (the time in the article is the start time, not the submit time) that late again after being awake since half past four in the morning … this article was full of typos and grammar errors (hopefully i have corrected most of them now). It´s difficult enough for me to write a decent english when i´m fully awake … it seems to be impossible when i´m already on my way to the land of dreams. Sorry for that!