Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems

The Sun Storage 7000 series storage just appeared on the Sun website today (albeit the lauch event here at CEC will only start in 3-4 hours). There are three systems available at the moment: The 7110, the 7210 and the 7410. The smallest variant is the Sun Storage 7110. This is a network storage system with up to 2 TB.

Sun Storage 7210 is essentially a filer based on the X4540, up to 46 TB storage, but we won´t sell them in such a configuration.

The system is available in 11.5 TB, 22.5 TB, 44 TB raw capacities. The 22.5 and 44 TB devices are equiped with write-biased SSD. The biggest system (at the moment) is the Sun Storage 7410.

Filer heads with up to 4 quad-core opterons. Up to 6 x 100GB Read Flash Accelerator per controller node). Up to 288 TB (576 TB with free software upgrade). Clustering is availble for this system. You may have recognized that this systems are really similar to our servers. That´s intended. We take commodity components to build our network storage. But what´s the difference to this servers? It´s the software. Albeit it´s a kind of Opensolaris, we´ve put much effort in building an user-interface to manage those devices in an appliance-like manner. Just have a look to this website to get some screenshots. As usual pictures telling more than 1000 words. Or even better: As the operating system is commodity and the the hardware is commodity Sun was able to prove a Sun Unified Storage Simulator to get some deep insight into our network storage systems: Download the the VMware image here and run a Sun Unified Storage Similator on you notebook or workstation.