Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 announced

Sun and Fujitsu jointly announced the system codenamed Ikkaku today : Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000.

The M3000 is a single-socket system for the SPARC 64 VII CPU, thus it´s a 4 core system, executing up to 8 threads. Up to 32 GB memory. 4 PCI-Slots. So it´s an entry-level system. Starting at $14.795,00. But before you compare it with your favourite brand of el-cheapo x86 systems. This system shares many RAS features of his bigger brothers: Instruction Retry on processor level … ECC for memory … ECC for the interconnect between system controller and the CPU … ECC for integer registers … parity for floatingpoint registers … fault isolation … a single defective core doesn´t keep the system from starting up, etc. … well … just read the architecture whitepaper on your own.