Mersenne primes verified by Sun employees

You may remember the news about newly found Mersenne primes. writes:

On August 23rd, a UCLA computer discovered the 45th known Mersenne prime, 243,112,609-1, a mammoth 12,978,189 digit number! [..] Congratulations to Edson Smith, who was responsible for installing and maintaining the GIMPS software on the UCLA Mathematics Department's computers. On September 6th, the 46th known Mersenne prime, 237,156,667-1, a 11,185,272 digit number was found by Hans-Michael Elvenich in Langenfeld near Cologne, Germany!

But there is something Sun-related in this news. The 45th and 46th known Mersenne primes were verified first by two employees of Sun with Sun Hardware.

Both primes were first verified by Tom Duell (Burlington, MA, USA) and Rob Giltrap (Wellington, New Zealand), both of Sun Microsystems, using the Mlucas program by Ernst Mayer of Cupertino California USA. The verifications ran on 8 dual-core SPARC64 VI 2.15Ghz CPUs of a Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server and 4 quad-core SPARC64 VII 2.52GHz CPUs of a Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 Server in Menlo Park, CA, USA. The first prime verification took 13 days, the second prime took 5 days.