There were many reports about the announcement of xVM today. I won´t repeat all the stuff said about this suite of products. The blog of Steve Wilson is a good starting point for this and you will find a further introduction to the topic on the website of Sun. Furthermore as we will opensource xVM Server, the website openvxm.org will be a very important one in the future of xVM Server and xVM Virtualbox But i want to link to an article i wrote one year ago about xVM. My opinion is still valid. The advantages of xVM are systemic ones … xVM is just a hypervisor …but with Solaris it get very special strengths: xVM isn´t just Xen When you ask “Why should I use xVM Server” the answer is “Because of Solaris”. And with xVM OpCenter we have a really good management interface for it, too. (This is important, as most people don´t care for the VMware hypervisor for example but they really like the GUI.)