New multifabric NEM for Sun Blade 6000

You may have noticed, that the Sun Blade Servers don´t have Ethernet or FC on board. They just have 4 PCI-E connections to the outside world (2 to the NEM slots, 2 to the PEM slots). Sun announced an really interesting new NEM.

24 ports in total, 10 Gigabit-Ethernet Ports, 10 10-Gigabit-Ethernet-Ports and 4 SAS Ports for outside connections to SAS drive enclosures (albeit not supported in the initial release). You will find further specification on the website for the Sun Blade 6000 10GbE Multi-Fabric Network Express Module By using this module every blade has 1 GBE and one 10GBE port and you can put up to two modules in a Blade 6000. So you have a redundant production network connectivity, redundant admin network connectivity and still two free PEM slots for Infiniband or FC.