New Xeon server from Sun: X2250 and X4250

They are somewhat similar, but at the end both represent really different concepts of building a server: Sun announced today the Sun Fire X2250 and the Sun Fire X4250. Both systems are systems in the 2-socket server class, but besides this fact the system are really different. Sun Fire X2250 Server

The Sun Fire X2250 is a 2 socket XEON system in one rack unit. It can provide room up to 2 disks. It was primarily developed for HPC deployments as a cheap compute node or for highly budget sensitive customers. By the way: It provides an ILOM interface, it´s not equipped with the ELOM. Sun Fire X4250 Server

The Sun Fire X4250 is a two rack unit, dual socket system. The additional rack unit was used in an efficient manner. You can plug up to 16 SAS harddisks into this chassis. At this moment this leads to a total capacity of almost 2.3 TB raw disk capacity. So it´s the Xeon based brother to the Opteron based X4240. The website specifies it´s an ELOM system, but already contains the documentation for the X4250 with ILOM.