Best x86 server for Java - Sun Fire X4600M2

Good news from the benchmarking department - Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server Is Industry’s Fastest x86 Java Server:

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced the new SPECjbb2005 world record score, which beats all other x86 systems on the market. The Sun Fire X4600 M2 server, equipped with eight Quad-Core AMD Opteron model 8360SE processors and running the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), posted an x86 World Record score of 683,542 SPECjbb2005 bops (85,443 SPECjbb2005 bops/JVM).

You will find further information at the X4600 Benchmarks page. Matches my impression that the X4600 is one of the big hits from Andy and his teams.