Some benchmark numbers about the SPARC Enterprise M9000

There are some interesting benchmark numbers in the press release from Sun about the new SPARC Enterprise M9000 with 64 SPARC VII (“Jupiter”) processors:

The SPARC Enterprise M9000 server running Solaris 10 OS, the SAP ERP application Release 6.0 and Oracle Database 10g achieved a world record result on the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark by achieving 39,100 SD Benchmark users. The SPARC Enterprise M9000 server result beats the IBM Power 595 POWER6 server with 35,400 SD Benchmark users by 10.5% and outperforms the HP Integrity Superdome SD64B with 30,000 SD Benchmark users by 30.3%,[...mabushi deleted...].[1]

In addition to that, Sun announces some impressive numbers for the LINPACK benchmark. 2 Teraflops in a single operating system image

The SPARC Enterprise M9000 server, based on SPARC64 VII processors, and using Sun Studio 12 software with Solaris 10 OS delivers a score of 2.023 TFLOPS on the Linpack's Highly Parallel Computing benchmark. The SPARC Enterprise M9000 outperforms the IBM Power 595 POWER6 by nearly 2X and beats the HP Integrity Superdome system by 2.7X.[2]

This is interesting for computing jobs in need of a large single system image with short ways to to the memory. (No, the SGI Altix isn´t a competition for that … single image too, but completely different architecture). Not all jobs scales on a cluster machine ;)