The reports of my layoff are greatly exaggerated

eweek linked my blog in an article about the layoffs as being one of the employees laid off yesterday:

And a series of Sun's more prolific bloggers weighed in on July 10 to say it was their last day at Sun. In particular, this one and this one are telling.

As long the eWeek don´t have informations i´m not aware of, this isn´t the truth. As i´m not important enough I really doubt that a news outlet in the US has any internal HR informations about a SE in Hamburg ;) So: I´m still working at Sun, i´m not aware of any actions in this direction. I only grieved about the farewell messages i´ve got in my inbox and the farewell blog entries i´ve got in my feedreader from people i´ve heard in telephone conferences or met at some occassions.