Announced at ISC´08: Sun Blade X6450 and Datacenter Switch 3x24

We did two hardware announcement in Dresden this year. At first we presented a new blade, the Sun Blade X6450 Server Module. It´s a blade for the Sun Blade 6000 Modular Server. The X6450 is quad socket blade for Intel Xeon processors. No local harddisks, but optionally 16 GB of flash memory for booting the blade. Up to 24 DIMMS. Those slots will give you 96 GB memory with 4 GB DIMMS on a blade. The other important announcement was the Sun Datacenter Switch 3x24 This switch was internally nicked Nano-Magnum, as it´s the smaller brother of the <a href””>Sun Datacenter Switch 3456</a> nicknamed Magnum. The DS 3x24 is a switch for 72 Inifiniband connection. It was designed as not everybody needs a 3456 ports Infiniband switch. As it uses the same three-in-one cables like it´s bigger brother. the cabling is reduced to 24 separate cables. Important to know: The 72 ports are not conncected at a single switch. The 3x24 contains three 24-port switches. It was deliberately designed this way for it´s usage as the root layer infiniband switches in conjunction with the Swithed Infiniband NEMs for the Sun Blade 6048 system to build a three-tier, three-stage fabric (for the experts: it´s a Clos fabric)