At last: Sun Fire X4140 and X4440

Sun introduced the Sun Fire X4140 and X4440 today.The X4140 is dual socket 1 RU server with up to 8 internal disks:

But the X4440 is even more interesting. We hadn´t a quad socket Opteron system in the portfolio for quite a time, but this gap is closed now. As far as i remember, this is the first 2U quad socket Opteron server from a Tier-1 vendor.

The mechanical construction is somewhat similar to the Xeon based system. They use a mezzanine board too, but unlike the Xeon mezzaine board, which houses only memory, the board of the X4440 houses two sockets and the adjactent memory of both procs. At the moment, both system are available with dualcores only, but quadcores will be announced really soon.