Infoworld: "The death knell for RAID?"

A few days ago, i posted the first draft of a presentation about the death of RAID5 and about the advantages of ZFS to solve the problems . Infoworld´s Mario Apicella writes in The death knell for RAID? about this topic with a different viewpoint, but he talks about a Sun product, too.

Recently, I ran a series of tests of SUN ST5800, alias Honeycomb. Details will be available in an upcoming review, but for the purposes of this discussion, I'll just say that after I abruptly pulled out eight of its 64 drives, Honeycomb survived without losing data. No RAID system can compete with that.

Once, you forget the standard filesystem semantics for storing your data and start to think in objects, you can find really interesting ways to to ensure data availability, for example really intelligent data replication algorithms to ensure, you have still copies of objects, when multiple disks start to fail.