Rock at ISSCC

I assume, we will give more informations about Rock at the ISSCC´08 on Monday. In the advance program of the event you will find two sessions about our upcoming processor: A Third-Generation 65nm 16-Core 32-Thread Plus 32-Scout-Thread CMT SPARC Processor at 01:30 pm

A 2.3GHz 396mm2 16-core 32-thread processor with deep out-of-order retirement and transactional memory is fabricated in 65nm CMOS. The logical and physical design of this high-end microprocessor enable high throughput, high single-thread performance, mainframe-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS), hardware transactional memory, and linear scalability.

Implementation of a Third-Generation 16-Core 32-Thread CMT SPARC
Processor at 02:00 pm

A 65nm third-generation chip-multithreading SPARC® processor operates at 2.3GHz and is targeted for high-performance servers. It is optimized for both single- and multi-threaded applications. Circuit innovations in memory arrays, register files, and floating-point hardware boost performance and circuit robustness with minimum area overhead.