Sun wins 3 Infoworld Technology of the Year 2008 Award

Sun wins three awards at Infoworld:

  1. ZFS:
It's not every day that the computer industry delivers the level of innovation found in Sun's ZFS. The fluidity, the malleability, and the scalability of ZFS far surpass any file system available now on any platform.
  1. Solaris:
No server operating system satisfies more varied requirements or boasts a wider range of brilliant features. Start with the ZFS file system, which wins its own 2008 Technology of the Year award; add DTrace, the best OS analysis tool available; throw in Solaris Containers' native, built-in virtualization, a feature no other OS currently bundles; and top it off with the ability to run Red Hat Linux binaries. It's simply the most innovative version of a server operating system this decade.
  1. X4500 (they used a wrong photo for the article)
It's not going to supplant the SAN anytime soon, but the X4500 will certainly make waves.</a>