Some reactions about the Ultra 24

Yesterday we´ve announced the Ultra 24 Workstation. It´s the first Intel based workstation besides the short-lived attempt twenty years ago.
The reactions are really positive:
Sun Shines with the Ultra 24 Workstation:

Sun undoubtedly has a winner with the Ultra 24 series of workstations, and other vendors will be hard-pressed to outperform it. What's more, the Ultra 24 proves that quality is still a valuable asset when it comes to workstations. The unit is built like a tank, yet offers toolless access to components. The company has successfully balanced quality with ease of service, while still offering unquestionable performance.

ZDnet: Sun launches Intel Workstation on X38 platform

While I haven’t reviewed this workstation first hand yet, I have to admit the prices look decent for a brand-name workstation and the hardware specifications look good. With Sun’s recent moves in to the Intel Server/Workstation business and selling Microsoft Operating Systems, Sun seems to have shed some of its SPARC and Solaris only religion and I think this can only bring good things to the company.

Sun Puts Intel Quad-Core Chips into Ultra Workstations:

The next logical thing for Sun to do, it would seem, would be to put out an Ultra 44 that supports two-socket variants of Intel's quad-core Xeon 5300 chips. But according to Healy, Sun's workstation volumes are predominantly for single-socket boxes, owing mostly to the single-threaded nature of scientific and technical applications that tend to run on workstations; moreover, these applications tend to involve the heavy use of graphics, too, and in many cases, it makes more sense two have modest CPU power and two graphics cards (hence the dual graphics slots).