Interesting article about the different mindsets of AIX and Sun admins. To a part, i can confirm his positions: There is a strong affection of IBM admins to slice servers into pieces. *Pars is the strongest argument of IBM to sell servers to this group, making expensive racks for 4-core servers out of a midrange or high-end machine. And by the way: They tend do do it with the machines of competitors, too. I saw Sun Fire 25K sliced into 18 4-Proc (or E10K in 16 4-procs) domains leaving me with raised eyebrows about such a strange configuration. And the last paragraph of this article speaks a very true word:

And that’s the people problem at the heart of this whole business of trying to predict data center costs under alternative Sun and IBM scenarios: it’s the people in charge, not the technologies, that really make the difference - and because they’ll always do is what they know how to do, failure to align skills sets with technologies before you buy means your costs will be about the same no matter what technology you hand them.