StorageMojo about the NetApp/Sun lawsuit

Robin writes about the lawsuit and comes to an interesting conclusion:

In fact, there is a better than even chance that this suit will turn out to be a Very Good Thing for the software business, customers and OSS. And a Bad Thing for patent lawyers other than the ones billing $600/hr to NetApp and Sun.

Robin explains, that the lawsuit may be divert from the matter itself to point of the validity of software patents in the light of the supreme courts decision in the case KRS against Teleflex:

Granting patent protection to advances that would occur in the ordinary course without real innovation retards progress and may, for patents combining previously known elements, deprive prior inventions of their value or utility.

Thus this lawsuit may be a starting point for rethinking the system of patenting software. And in my opinion valves for a new artificial heart or a new super efficient car engine should be patentable, but not the way to move some bits around. At the moment, the patent system in the US is not about protecting inventors, it´s about playing mutual assured destruction between big Fortune 500 companies.