ZDNet: A blog into Schwartz's mind

ZDnet published an interview with Jonathan about blogging as a CEO. Interesting read:

The number one role of a leader is to communicate. And the number one role of a CEO is to be the chief communicator, to make sure that the people inside the organization know what is important, as well as our partner community and our customers and our shareholders. So I think my blog has only increased in its importance to me, and to Sun, based on its popularity and on how efficiently it allows me to communicate with the world.

I would widen this statement, the number one role of a company is to communicate with the customer. Customers need knowledge to fullfill their everyday tasks. And it´s the the number one role of every employee to communicate with his customers: By talking with them while at the customer site, by blogging, by mail. And at the end, the internet isn´t a bunch of protocols, it´s all about commuication between humans.