On the way to volume!

We fastly ramping up UltraSPARC T2. Here you see: 12 E10000k, only a little bit short of a quarter Terabit per second networkbandwith, 0,75 Terabyte per second memory bandwith, 96 cores, 192 integer pipelines, 96 crypro accelerators, 96 floating point units, 768 threads, 768 virtual processor. Imagine this processors in some nifty boxes, with a nice silver finish, 1 or 2 rack units high. Consuming only 1200 Watts for the processors. Imagine the load this babies can handle. 5 years ago, you had to fill a complete datacenter for a similar performance. Now it´s a small tray of CPUs (respective 12 or 24 rack units). Simply mind-boggling. But it´s even getting better: In the near future you will have this sheer power in only three machines.