Okay … our stock ticker symbol SUNW will be retired soon. Our new stock ticker symbol is JAVA. Personally, i don´t like it. I don´t like it at all. We´re SUNW. But okay, Jonathan is perfectly right, when he states, that Java is our most powerful brand. But at the end, it´s just a stock ticker symbol and perhaps it´s good to hammer one little fact into the minds of the stock markets: We were the ones, who invented Java … not BEA or IBM or the like. So at the end, this may be a move, that many technical people doesn´t like. But hey, stock symbols are unimportant for technical people anyway, they were introduced for the beancounting fraction, for the budget planing fraction. And thus, whenever such a person thinks about Java, the person will think at first about the company, which stocksymbol is JAVA. Whenever, someone writes something about us, they will carry “JAVA” forward. And both can only be of positive effect for Sun. At the end it´s all about awareness, at the end it´s all about of closing the circle.