Ian Murdock joins Sun

Ian Murdock, one of the “founders” of Debian joined Sun. I wish you a heartly welcome and may your more pronounced view to usability open a broader user base for Solaris. But: I´m not sure, that Linux should play a bigger role at Sun. We gave already many things to the community, we gave many standards to the community, but we should concentrate at the OS front on the thing we can do best: Building the leading enterprise operating system. Invest more into linux would be only an distraction. But, you are not the first we convinced of the Solaris Operating Environment. ;) PS: There is one thing i´m jealouse for: The day we get something like apt-get into Solaris will be a big celebration to me, although there are really good reasons why we haven´t it so for. Guaranteed binary compatibility is a two-bladed sword.