Copying the wrong stuff

Why the heck everybody beliefs, that it´s sufficient to build a descent graphical interface to build a so called “Mac OS X” killer or even an Vista-Killer like Rich … As long you get told “you have to echo this sequence into that file in the /proc file system for suspend/resume” and you have to twiddle here and to twiddle there even to get the basic stuff running, Linux isn´t anywhere near of being a desktop operating system outside the restricted environment of corporate desktops. At maximum it´s a smaller variant of the favorite operating system of some server jockeys. Usability is more than a rotating cube with desktops. This is a sugar icing on the cake, but in the case of the desktop usage for Joe Sixpack the there misses something important: a finished cake under the icing. And to be honest, in the past years i didn´t saw Linux catching up. Today it´s perhaps there, where MacOS X was at 10.0, you can use it, but your environment learns a swearword every minute ;) So, as long OS/X will be developed by Apple and Microsoft makes a bad rip off of all the good feature every 5 years or so, i don´t see a Linux distro as an killer for anything for the next time.