Sun and Intel

Okay, the announcement it out. I think we get more out of the deal. We use Intel chips in some of our systems, and Intel admits finally that Solaris x86 is the best operating system for mission critical tasks. This will surely not the end of our AMD engagement. We are busy to integrate the Barcelona generation in our Galaxy line. And to be honest: As long Intel doesn´t stop to cripple their really good core with the mediocre front side bus i see no chance for Intel to gain an inch at servers beyond 2 processors. And K8L is an imminent next step. The Intel Core architecture runs exeptionally well on certain workloads and i understand Jonathan to complete our portfolio there to close a gap. I think, John Fowler said it best in Sun and Intel scratch each other’s backs:

"Certain products will be similar [between Intel and AMD systems from Sun], such as DP rack servers, but others will be different. AMD is clearly better for high performance computing. We'll make it clear which is best for which kind of project," Fowler said.

A last comment:

in addition to working with Sun to get the Xeon above 8-way systems, he also said that he would like to see Sun bring Solaris to Intel's Itanium processor. Schwartz did not respond to the request.

Dear Intel, when you want Solaris on the Itanium: Port it yourself. The source is available ;)