Solaris isn´t Linux + ZFS

There is a perception in many forums, it shops and blogs, that Solaris is only Linux plus ZFS. How often do you read “Okay, ZFS is cool. But i wait, until ZFS is in Linux” or “When ZFS is in Linux, then Solaris is finally dead”. Sometimes i ask myself, if Linux makes morons out of otherwise intelligent to brilliant people or if this is a effect of dis- and misinforment. ZFS is cool. It´s gigantic. But it´s only a small part of Solaris 10. I don´t know where i should start: Zones, Fault Management Architecture, a real enterprise class cluster framework available, real scaleability up to a thousand of processors (scalability like in “you get the performance of additional processors, not like in “it runs on 16 core, but you have the performance of 10”), a real resource management integrated to the kernel. All this in a package that leverages a feature in a different feature, eg. zone cloning with a ZFS snapshot in seconds, a cryptographic framework that leverages cryptographic hardware throughout the operating environment. A diagnostic tool like dtrace isn´t existent on Linux (No, systemtap is not like dtrace, completly different scope). To all the people, who reduce Solaris 10 to ZFS: There is so much more to explore in Solaris 10. Give it a chance. Even when you don´t like Sun HW, you can even run it on your systems from your favourite box mover.