At last ...

I´ve waited for such an article for such a long time. It´s an inner october revolution parade: Sun is winning in the server market. Best quotes:

What really puts Intel in the doghouse is Sun’s decision to open the design of UltraSparc T1 for public use. It is the silicon equivalent of open source, and it’s no lip service. Inexpensive and readily available programmable logic puts anyone a few hundred dollars away from being able to mint their own 64-bit Sparc CPUs. Of course, it takes more than that to make it do anything; but the point is that Sun has matched IBM in opening its server processor technology.


Sun’s growth is good news for the entire industry. It proves, as I keep pointing out, that trends are useless in predicting the future. Find players with vision, drive and patience, mixed with a desire to please customers as well as shareholders, and it’s easy to pick the winners. Sun’s a winner.