10 reasons to reformat your hard drive and an eleventh one.

Tech Recipes gives you 10 reasons to use ZFS I will give you an eleventh one: Snapshots. Okay, you might think “I don´t need something like that at home”. But i want you to tell a little real world example: Snapshots saved my butt the weekend before last. I had to finalize an architecture document for a multi-million project. Okay, you have to know that my fileserver at home runs ZFS. The system makes snapshots every 15 minutes and throws them away after 36 hours (i keep only the snaphots done at midnight). Okay, my Staroffice autosaves every 7 minutes. I´ve deleted vast amounts of an document accidentally and unnoticed. My telephon rang and after 20 minutes i´ve shutdown my desktop to have dinner with some friends. Back home i´ve noticed that some parts of my document were missing. Undo wasn´t an option. At this point snapshots kicked in: All i had to do was to go into the .zfs-Directory of the snapshot right before the deletion and save it in my working directory. Done in 10 seconds. It didn´t even quickened my pulse.