Game changer device

I finally know, why Thumper has the potential to be a real game changer device. For people, who doesn´t know what Thumper is, here a short explanation from my CEO:

Thumper is a SunFire server, running Solaris and its 128-bit ZFS file system, that packs 24 Terabytes of storage into a miniature package - allowing Solaris and Java applications to run directly on the storage device at breathtaking speed and price points.

While showering yesterday the concept of an SuperThumper came into my mind. And the nice thing: All components are already there. In Solaris 10. The Thumper is a fabulous device alone. But it´s even more a building block to build impressive architectures out of it. I will think a little bit more about the “SuperThumper” the next few days… stay tuned …