I´m somewhat horrified. What do investors and analysts waiting for? More job cuts? Okay, but who will do the work then? Investors relations? Who should invent new products? Oh, we should use Intel? Going the glory future of Itanium, who will stomp all the other processors around. In next revision. Guaranteed. Well, we have no printer supply division too hide a mediocre server business. And last time i´ve looked we was a technology firm, not an business consulting company. I have to admit, that most people don´t know what I know about new products in the near future. From my field perspective: T2000 gets traction, i´m more and more successful in placing Solaris as an alternative on the usual linux bastions. And besides all this analysts/journalists idle talk, tape isn´t dead at all. At least my customers have a very strange feeling in their guts of having their real backups and SOX/BASEL2/younameit-compliant archive (not the “hell, i´ve deleted my veryimportantdocument.doc”-fast recovery snapshots) on spining discs. So buying STK wasn´t buying a dying company as suggested by some “B2D”-evangelized analysts and journalists. So in my humble opinion we are well positioned. PS: I won´t comment Mr. Dvoraks “Second Thought” … in my opinion it´s utter bullshit. Even on Slashdot such an article would be downscored. Oh, well … i see the point … it´s indeed an “too-little-too-late”-problem: They invested too little too late in SUNW. And now they have to compensate by downwriting the stock. But hey … Dvorak was the guy who told us several times that Apple is dead. So much for that.