Links of the Day

While Niagara is on track, it seems that another multicore CPU has severe problems at mass production. The T1 approach to keep it simple at start seems to pay off. Infoweek reports about ZFS in it´s article “Sun Solaris To Linux: Size Matters After All”. But the article misses one point. Yes, 128-bit is not nescessary at the moment, but you have you look at the projected lifetime of a filesystem and the lifetime of your data which is longer than the lifetime of a server. When you take into consideration, that data is not longer stored in the computer itself, but in networks with iSCSI or SAN, it makes absolutly no sense to design nowadays a filesystem where the use of the 65th bit is well inside of the projected lifetime of filesystems and the data stored within. The usable lifetime of the server is not a factor any longer for planning a filesystem. Last but not least: 9You find a very interesting interview with Jonathan at Forbes:

The net result will be Mike Lehman and I looking at how do we drive growth. The orientation of all of this is, How do we drive growth? And to be clear, I mean growth in SUNW. [...] I can drive earnings very quickly by just packing and slashing away at the organization. Short-term, there’s no question I can pop the earnings. The question is how do you architect the business so you get long-term sustainable earnings growth, which ultimately drives the value of SUNW.