ZFS at home?

James Dickens wrote a good article about ZFS in his weblog. Really worth a read and the article explains, why ZFS is even a good choice at home.
By the way: Asked by a die-hard-mac user, why ZFS is a good idea for MacOS, i answered two days ago: Imagine the capabilities of a big NetAPP Filer, the ease of use of FAT but with enterprise-class capabilities like mirroring and snapshots and much more of Sun´s secret sauce and you get ZFS. When you see autorepair of a mirror, because an consumer-SATA-drive failed, you want ZFS at home. When you see, that you don´t need filesystem checks, journals or logs any longer, you want ZFS at home. When you´ve done your first incremental replication backup of your photolibrary to an remote sever over WAN with 2 commands (zfs backup -i pool/fs@a pool/fs@b | ssh host zfs restore -d poolB/restored/fs) you want ZFS.