Converging Solaris and HP-UX?

Scott writes an open letter to the CEO of HP: Let’s converging Solaris and HP-UX. At first most people will think: What a ridiculous idea. But think twice. Let’s assume that Linux is not the answer to all question in enterprise computing. Let’s assume that you are are the manufacturer of a server system with a realatively small footprint in the market. You have immense costs do develop a competitive derivate of UNIX for your own plattform. So it can make sense to partner with others to use a common commercial unix. With advantages for all sides. The ISVs have a common unix environment for all platforms and have only to recompile their code. The end users have only to establish a single version of their runbooks and operation procedures. And the manufacturers can develop jointly one commercial grade unix with all their experiences of years on unix development.
When you really think about it, it’s an offer HP can’t refuse. Even when you are called a pig with make-up