Rediscovery of commercial unix derivates

Again not a story about Sun, but again the real story is between the lines: Computer Reseller News posted a story about the involvment of Oracle in the AIX Collaboration Center. Oracle works together with IBM to ensure, that Oracle works well on AIX.
This is a little bit strange, as IBM ist one of the largest players in the commercial use of Linux. With this fact in mind, it would make more sense to build up such a partnership for Linux and not for AIX. The real news is: “Okay people , Oracle runs under Linux, but … well … we develop and deploy under Solaris and we work together with IBM for good performance under AIX. So … when you have real work to do, use a real unix” or with the words of the CRN:

Both moves represent less overt emphasis on Linux inside Oracle.

Perhaps a additional sign of the defection from linux, that i noticed in “my” accounts in the last months.