Niagara 2

Niagara is available for a few days and the media speculates already about Niagara 2.TheRegister reports some informations (No confirmation from my side).
Only two comments to this:

  1. Don´t wait for it. 2007 is still some time to go. And Niagara 1 is already a killer device. Many jobs to do and even more power and air conditioning to save.
  2. This shows, that Niagara is only the beginning, not the end. Niagara 2 and Rock are in the pipeline. So we saw the beginning of a revolution in the market, not the end. Imagine a massive-CMT-processor like Niagara with more floating point performance. Take into account, that many competitors have problems to deliver their monster processors in time in frequency. You guess it: Bye bye Itanic, bye bye Power. And meanwhile we have an extremly potent system for many tasks.