Day of the revolution

A very important day for Sun today : The Sun Fire T2000 was announced.
As everybody loves benchmarks: Look at this page. The numbers are awesome. A single T2000 outperforms a 4-proc Itanium2-System in Java, beats the crap out of an 2-proc Power-5 in secure web transactions and simply annihilates an 2proc/2core Xeon at pure webserving.
At information more and more technical informations gets disclosed: Phil Harman wrote an interessting article about mutexes on Ultrasparc T1.. some hints for running java on T1, java benchmarks. More links will follow tomorrow.
What does T2000 means for your datacenter: You can do your job with less systems, with less electricity and less cooling on less floor space. Try Sim Datacenter to explore this effects.
At the end we were proved right for spending so much money for R&D: The writes about this:

It's good to see Sun's heavy R&D investment pay off with something that is truly unique. None of Sun's Tier 1 processor or server rivals have discussed hardware that looks anything like these new boxes. We anxiously await customer feedback on the new systems to see if they're all that Sun expects.

And now the best at all: UltraSparc T1 will be opensource … the end of all “SPARC is proprietary”-FUD:

Today we are announcing our intent to open source the design point for the UltraSPARC T1 chip in 2006. We are targeting the March timeframe. The initial publications should include: the source of the design in Verilog, a verification suite and simulation models, ISA specification (UltraSPARC Architecture 2005), and a Solaris port. We expect to announce additional details during the first quarter of calendar 2006.

I´m very confident that this systems will be an huge success. To be honest: Not long ago i thought about searching new endevours outside of Sun, this systems are one reason i´ve didn´t done something in this way. Niagara is a piece of technology why i hired at sun: Gear far ahead of the competion.