A revolution in the media: ZFS

I found a interesting piece in Paul Murphys weblog:

Combine that with an almost ridiculous ease of administration and what you get is a real threat to companies like EMC, a triumph for open source, a significant, long term, Unix advantage over Windows, another key milestone achieved in the move to network computing, and a revolution in storage technology - but not a single reporter or pundit seems to have picked up on any of it.

The reason for this blindness is quite simple: ZFS breaks with so many common ways and means, that all the advantages are note obvious for the common reporter or pundit when you think about it as the n´th iteration of the old theories of filesystems. For the most of them it´s only a new filesystem, mostly reported with the undertone of “that was overdue.UFS is so fucking old”. Only when you know the pitfalls of filesystem management by practice you will realize the power and the huge impact of ZFS to the storage landscape.