Links of the week

Something new on The Link-Of-Week will be in english from now on . I think, my commented linklist is not only interesting for german readers. One apologize at start: My english is really bad. I can read it as fast as i can read german (often faster, because germans tends to build up syntactical constructs you have to read twice to fully understand them (classical adorno-german ;)) But my written english … let´s say i haven´t used it a while for longer text than a short mail or so. So: Corrections are welcome.
The big buzz about the Ultrasparc T1 in the media is almost over. I think the real story will come clear on December 6th. The systems based on this processor will be announced on this day. They are real. I had my fingers on one of these systems not long ago. But the story of eco-responsibility gets traction in the media.
At AlwaysOn is a text about home pc and unix. My opinion to this text: Sure, Solaris will never dominate the market. But: No Unix (Mac OS X is an exception, but it does not really count, as it is a hidden unix) will ever have a huge relevance in the home market, whatever freaks and analysts will tell you. As long as my sister or my dad can´t install a Linux or a Solaris without my help, there will be no dominance in the home desktop space. And i saw experienced system engineers to despair in front of a linux laptop when they came to installing and configuring all the functionalities like power management. This war will be fought between Windows and Mac OS. The enterprise desktop is an entirely different story.
One outcome of the collaboration between Sun and AMD has surfaced: <a href=””> AMD And Sun Roll Out The Dual-Core AMD Opteron 285 SE CPUs</a>. And last week an supercomputer deal was announced in Japan : <a href=““>AMD, Sun Microsystems to build Japan’s largest supercomputer</a>. The most ignored fact: The System will be online in spring 2006 and will be build out of 8-socket systems. Okay, let´s combine both: There is a realistic chance of getting 8-socket from Sun in early 2006.
To the topic servers in general: The newest numbers from IDC says, that there was <a href=>a slip in shipments from sun last quarter</a>. Okay, i had expected something like this. It´s a hard sale, when you try to sell older systems at the dawn of the best opteron rigs on earth.