Serverwatch: Hardware Today: Has RISC Gotten Risky?

Positiver Artikel in Serverwatch bezueglich Niagara und Solaris 10:

Far from doom and gloom in the RISC camp, Sun and IBM continue to fly the flag and have development roadmaps for their chips stretching years into the future. Both already have dual-core products on the market, and multicore is on the immediate horizon.
"Sun has been a bit mired down with little talk in terms of processor or system performance, although their new OS [Solaris 10] is a great technical achievement and seems be enjoying a rapid adoption rate by customers," says Olds. "Sun's Niagra project might change all this in the near future.
Sun stands to gain much from Niagra's success. "If this works as well as they say, it will get Sun back into the performance race in a big way," says Olds.

Achja, und auch zu diesem Artikel gilt wieder: Es ist nicht so das in der Auseinandersetzung zwischen RISC und CISC letzeres erfolgreich war, wie es die Presse gerne umschreibt. Die modernen CISC-Prozessoren sind nichts anderes wie RISC-Prozessoren mit extrem schnellen CISC-to-RISC-Konvertern. Aber diese Feinheit ist den meisten Journalisten wohl zu fein.