Recommended Listening: Act Noir - Shape a new start

The days gets longer, the nights shorter, but my taste of music didn’t move out of the shadows so far. I’ve found an interesting album by accident yesterday while searching for the song from the end credits of “Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex”. I wasn’t able to find it, but i stubled about this music: It’s “Shape a new sharp” by Act noir. These guys from Italy seem to be influenced from a lot of groups and created an interesting combination out of it. At some times the music remembers me of Nine Inch Nails, sometimes of Tool. The last track of album could count as Prog, except it isn’t 20 minutes long ;) Not the worst inspriations. Of course i want to recommend some songs here: “The Higher I went, The Deeper I fell” is a good piece of music, “2008” is at heavy rotation today. Another track worth of listening is “Shape A New Start”. PS: Despite of being in business since the nineties of last century, they just published two albums. Their debut long player “Automatisme psychique” is worth listening as well..