Really recommended listening: Imogen Heap - Ellipse

Long time readers of my blog know, that I’m a fan of the music of Imogen Heap. On August 24th she published her new album. My opinion: It was time … her last album dates back to the year 2005. The music on Ellipse is magnitudes away in terms of innovativeness from the rubbish that fills the charts. More interesting is the fact that all this innovation comes from one artist: Imogen Heap writes, produces, programs and engineers and sings her music on her own. I wrote “innovative”: Yes, it’s great music … but it comes at a price, it’s not that kind of music that enters your ear without resistance and left you head on the other side without leaving any traces. But on the other side it has a big advantage: Once it’s in your head it will not leave you for a while. And it looks like this album will be on heavy rotation for quite a while on my iPod :) So what’s so great at this music? I don’t think you can describe music with words, ending in the desparate search for a matching drawer. It’s the same with paintings. You can’t describe a painting in words. But I have a very simple test for this. When the music touches me, then it is good music … at least for me. When it touches me and i like to listen again and again via headphones into it to find something new, it’s excellent music. And this album falls into the second category. I would recommend Tidal, Half Life, Canvas and obviously First Train Home for a first listening into this record.