Recommended Listening: The Crystal Method - Divided by Night

In the case i would have to create a list of music that i´ve heard quite frequently around the millenium change, the album Vegas by The Crystal Method would be on this list for sure. Vegas was their debut album and it´s music ccompanied me for a quite a time and through many situations. Thus some important situations of that time are connected to this music and thus i really like this music. Now it´s 2009 and Crystal Method published a new album. Divided By Night is their fourth album. I wasn´t really fond of their two other albums they´ve published in the mean time (Tweekend and Legion of Boom) but their actual album is much closer to Vegas, thus i´m really starting to like it. I don´t know if this music will be as important for me as Vegas but at least it´s very good music ;) . I would like to speak out some recommendations: Dirty Thirty, Smile? and Double Down Under. A rather untypical, nevertheless good track is Falling Hard.