Recommended listening: Collide - Two headed monster

This recommendation is from the darker side of my musical taste. It´s Collide … an electronic band from California. I´ve wrote about this band in this block back in 2005. How can I describe Collide at best. Hmm … well … think about the more melodic pieces of Nine Inch Nails (like Ruiner, Heresy and Perfect Drug) with female vocals. The both musicians of Collide published their new album end of September. I really waited for their new album, as their remix album Vortex was somehow addictive and albeit their spin off project “The Secret Meeting” produced excellent results it made the waiting time for the new Collide album a little bit longer for me, as Collide is still a tiny little bit better. As usual with my taste of music: You like it or you hate it. I recommend Tongue tied & twisted, Spaces in Between and Shifting for a first taste.