Recommended listening: Diary of Dreams - Nekrolog 43

After my recommendation for the Amy MacDonalds album i´ve got some question from friends what´s had happen to my usal favourite music. Nothing, my dears, nothing. I just extended my taste in music with that scottish artist. So i wan´t to recommend a new album. It´s the perfect opposite to the last album. Dark, really dark …. perfect for my usual mood in the winter. When my soul catches the colour of the time when i wake up. And to the others, which are unaware of my old music taste. Well … that´s normal … i´m not depressed or something like that. I just like such music. Other friends speculated because of this music taste when would start to transform the guest restroom to a terrarium for flying foxes or bats. But that is a different story. Today i want recommend Nekrolog 43 from Diary of Dreams. Yes, this music again … i´ve talked about an earlier album last year. Very dark lyrics with lines like

Hey, prison cell
you can not keep me here
Silent waters are deep you know

in The Plaque or

My home is where my heart died
Don't listen to what they say
I may not be your best friend
and I know you feel the same

in the track Remedy Child. Surely not music for everybody or depressive people. But i like it ;) It´s a really good album. At first you should try The Plague. If this music is your style you should try the titles already mentioned. When you don´t like this track, you shouldn´t go farther ;)