Hoerempfehlung: Peter Gabriel et al. - Big Blue Ball

The solo studio albums of Peter Gabriel are outstanding. Without any question. And the live performances of Peter Gabriel are not from this world. But i have a somewhat divided relationship to some of it´s other works. The “Passion” album for example: I asked other PG fans and it was the album with the “one song”. There was only one really good title: A different drum. But not all of his side projects were that mixed: Ovo was excellent. A few weeks ago, Peter Gabriel released “Big Blue Ball”. This release are the results of a collaboration of many WOMAD (a world music label initiated by Mr. Gabriel) musicans round about 10 years ago. And my thoughts are somewhat mixed: I´m not that world music fan. I´m a PG fan. So not convinced about all the tracks. Nevertheless there are really good pieces on it. “Whole Thing”(more like in his US/So phase) for example. Or “Exit Through You” and “Burn you up, burn you down”(both more similar to the music of his Up phase). From the pieces without the master the track “Everything Comes from You” is my favourite. But at the end: I can´t wait for I/O - the next pure Peter Gabriel album.