Nails for the personal jesus hurts somewhere in chicago

As i wrote before for “Down to the Bone” from Sylvain Chauveau (iTMS) every now and then a cover version appears that is en par with the original, or even surpasses it. I found two of this gem of this kind: An awesome version of NIN´s Hurt and Depeche Mode´s Personal Jesus. When a great musican like Cash puts all his soul in to a song, that something really great arises out of it. And in the case of Depeche Mode: Good wine needs to get old to be great, good music has to be rediscovered and to be rethought to get really awesome. I know, DM fans will kill me, but most of the songs are great song writing captured in an insufficient shell consiting out of synthipop instrumentation (I think - for the same reason - that “Songs of faith and devotion” is the best part of their work.) To get out of this depressive mood i suggest Chicago from Sufjan Stevens. Great music for a saturday morning to wake up. The other songs on Illinoise have at least the same quality. Rich instrumentation, good arrangements. I like it, give it a try.