Soundtrack of a love affair - english translation

Ich weiss, mein Englisch ist grottig. Aber ich dachte mir mal, da ein amerikanischer Kollege hierher verlinkt hat, ich uebersetze den Text einmal:
Not long ago, i sat together with some friends with some coffee (to be honest, at the end it were two coffees, three beer and by far to much for dinner). Typically the topics of this gatherings get really weired (“Schrödingers mattress” as a derivative of “Schroedingers cat” was postulated at such a gathering some time ago: Two persons of different sex are put to gether in a room without windows as a bigger version of the experiments with the cats . Do they sleep together at some moment or not or both. Are they necrophiliacs because they are dead and alive? And what the heck someone should do with all this dead cats lying around. Okay, I know to much beer), very depressive (“live is a piece of uther crap”, and no, it´s not my part at every gathering), or very psychological (“No, don´t see it this way, don´t take this to heart, he/she/it don´t meant it that way”).
Okay, this time the topic was: Can you recapitulate the history of a relationship at the length of a compact disc. 74 minutes at your disposal. Which songs i would take? Which way i would arrange them ? I wrote some month ago, that music is soundtrack of a life. It should be possible to tell the cycle of a relationship within the length of this media. So .. here at last: “Soundtrack of a love affair - the moellenkamp variation”) 1. Peter Gabriel - Sky Blue (Martyn Bennett Remix).(itunes)
It´s spring. You rest in yourself. You can enjoy your life.
2. Collide - Tempted (Conjure One Mix)(itunes)
Someone important steped into your life. Only the sight of this person lets you fall apart in thousand pieces. In this song there is a line “I´m the hunter, i´m the prey”. I don´t like the word “Beuteschema” (direct translated “preypattern”, means somethink like matching perfectly the preferences of someone) but this time the word seems to fit.
3. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d’un autre été - L’après-midi(itunes)
This time you sit in a park, the first kiss,you are not confident. The song is from “The fabulous world of Amelie Pourlain”. Very playful movie, like this moments of a beginning relationship, when you get closer.
4. Michael Bublé - Feeling Good(itunes)
When i heard this song the first time, i thought : striptease muisc. I´ve read this some times since that time, so it´s not a n overdose of hormones in my brain. Okay: you prowl at your love interest at the sofa. You get closer and closer
5. Berliner Philharmoniker - The Four Seasons: Violin Concerto in G Minor, RV 315, “L’estate”: III. Presto(itunes)
At this moment we leave the the scene for some time an play a stormy and fast piece, with a pan shot to a diffent place. The 2 minutes and 46 seconds should be enough for the average german man. For persons without fear of musical blasphemy, you can take the Soundscape Mix of Vanessa Mae´s - Storm gewaehlt werden. For this moments and the end of the world classic is the music of choice6. Collide - Halo (Sensory Gate Aura Mix)(itunes
The day after. You are in an strange mood, between hapiness and unsureness, between fear an confidence. The question of the things that will happen in the next few day. It feels unreal in your head.
7. Styrofoam - Make it mine (itunes)
Attraction gets to amorousness,amorousness gets to love.
8. 3 Doors Down - Landing in London(itunes)
An matured relationship. Even the distance can´t harm it. But with every mile between you and your loved one, you wish that the distance should disappear.
9. Nine Inch Nails - Every Day is Exactly the Same(itunes)
The years goes by. The relationship gets boring. There is effort in the relationship anymore.
10. Silje Neergaard - Be Gone(itunes)
You think about the relationship. Do you wan´t it anymore ?
11. Paul Anka - Everybody Hurts(itunes)
You draw the line, everything hurts, every well-meant word hurts.
12. Rammstein - Ohne Dich. (itunes)
Mourning takes place. You wan´t you partner back. Without her/him the life seems without any sense. desperate. joyless .
13. Apocalyptica - Farewell(itunes)
Farewall. The mourning disappears. The past will not come back.
14. Lisa Gerrard & Tamara Teirbrood - Now we are free(itunes)
A new cycle starts.