A few days i wrote on Facebook that business travel is sometimes rewarding. I meant the nice view from a ferry on the that i had to use in order to get to a customer. At that time i didn’t knew what i would see a few days later. This was by far the most spectacular (in the sense of goose bump spectacular) view i have ever seen from an aircraft window (standing on Dante’s View at the Death Valley was the most spectacular view from my point of view, but i was standing on a hill). To explain: I was in Madrid out of business reasons Thursday and Friday last week and Thursday and Friday this week and i used a connection via Zuerich as it was cheaper as a direct flight and i wouldn’t complain about that as i like Swiss as an airline. However yesterday the flight offered something spectacular. Instead of using the direct connection it was routed over the Swiss Alps. I assume it’s the swiss way to send you in a holding pattern so they have the guarantee that nobody will complain afterwards. It even looks like the cabin crew sees that seldomly as they were couldn’t do else than looking when we flew aside the Matterhorn. Just in short. It’s spectacular. Really. I made a video of it. It’s of bad quality. It’s shaking, and you see the reflections of my hand. But it shows a little bit how spectacular it was. 6 Minutes into the film you can see the Matterhorn, however just the peak as the pilot made curve to the right and i could not go higher with the camera without obstructing the view of the man sitting in the same row.

(klick here to view)

So a big thank you of the flight crew and the flight control for flight LX2011 on 18. August 2012 for that experience.