Recommended film: Sunshine (2007)

What i like most about the internet that you get hyperlinked into new stuff you perhaps never would know without being pointed to them via the internet. For example, yesterday i saw the video consisting out of photos of the astronauts on the ISS in Gregor Longarivas facebook feed and put it on my webpage. However on Vimeo the autor linked to the music he used in the video. It’s “Sunshine(Adagio in D)” composed by John Murphy. A really great and extremely effective piece of soundtrack. But i didn’t knew that at this time, it just sounded awesome. However while purchasing the Song at itunes i found out, that the piece of music was a soundtrack and there was a film. “Sunshine”. Published in 2007 … i totally missed that movie. Directed by Danny Boyle. The guy behind Trainspotting, 28 Days later or Slumdog Millionaire. Perhaps because i didn’t knew someone at that time that would go into such a movie and so i just didn’t thought about it. I have really missed something really great. The Sun lost it’s power to warm the earth. The mankind ist near it’s extinction. A group of 8 people travels towards the Sun to reignite it. However it’s not the first mission. The first one didn’t worked out as planed. So it’s really the last chance. It’s not about a single person rescuing the world almost alone (so no Bruce Willis in a dirty and torn wife beater). The movie goes more into how people react when everything goes downhill. About sacrifice. About the reaction of people going onto a mission that doesn’t plan with the survival of crew.And at the end about science and religion. The ensemble of actor is really great. But the star is the Sun. Absolutely stunning visuals. I just can recommend “Sunshine” to everyone who isn’t totally allergic to Science Fiction.