Location-aware Twitter for the iPhone: Twinkle

I revived my twitter account a few days ago, whe i discovered, that my prefered feedreader (Netnewswire) is capable of sending URLs to twitter with a single command. So i use twitter as a public clipboard again for links i do not want to put on del.icio.us. Yesterday i´ve found yet another really neat tool for my iPhone: Twinkle. Twinkle is a Twitter-client for the iPhone, but with a spin. You can add location informations to your tweets (the messages in twitter). Resulting from this information you can query for tweets that were published by people near of you:

In the message entry dialog you can upload images and it let you choose if you want to add the location.As the iPhone has no GPS, i assume that the location is derived from the WLAN and GSM footprint at your location.

Okay, you can argue about the sense of Twitter, but given enough computing power and a good user interface at a mobile, services start to converge in an interesting manner, and Twinkel is an interesting example. You can download on your phone via Installer.app PS: And think about that: 1995 - 13 years ago -nobody forecasted that sending 140 chars long messages in the GSM control channel would be such an roaring success.